The Latest In Entertainment.

Xpreshon fuses together lifestyle and culture, social interactions, long-form media, live event streaming, the latest in action sports news and events into the one experience.

Cross-Platform Connectedness.

Xpreshon connects your entertainment experiences across phone, tablet, computer and Xbox platforms.

Big Brands.

Xpreshon brings together the most iconic action sports brands in the industry and harness the power of the
world’s best content partners into a connected entertainment experience.

All The Greatest Entertainment

Xpreshon is a global action sports entertainment experience that has been purpose built for Microsoft’s Xbox and Windows 8 platforms to capture the very heart and passion of the Action Sports enthusiast. From daily breaking news, live events, athlete profiles, short video clips and the best movies on demand, users can navigate, explore, watch and connect seamlessly to the culture and industry they love, all in one convenient place.

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